Sat 09 Oct 2010

flower and sea creatures - at night


Tue 28 Sep 2010

Camel scarf


Mon 27 Sep 2010

from Vietnam, part 2


Sun 26 Sep 2010

from Vietnam


Sat 14 Aug 2010



Sun 18 Apr 2010

Falcons for Everyone

These live images are transmitted 24 hours a day, directly from the St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral in Brussels. The camera is positioned at one meter from the nest and can be operated from the observation post at the foot of the cathedral.

Sun 28 Mar 2010

Outside our window


Fri 19 Feb 2010

Trans-Siberian Express


Sat 23 Jan 2010

casio dorado con calculadora


Fri 22 Jan 2010



Wed 20 Jan 2010



Thu 14 Jan 2010

Sunset at the office


Sun 10 Jan 2010

Our best wishes postcards!


Mon 04 Jan 2010

café l'espérance


Sun 03 Jan 2010



Sat 02 Jan 2010

sun vs. snow


Fri 11 Dec 2009

Age of Stupid: Global Premiere: Thom Yorke performing 'Reckoner'

Wed 02 Dec 2009

Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Hasselblad 503CW with a 6x6 Fujichrome backing + Planar 80mm lens; 1/30 sec at f11; ISO 50; purpose-made Ficap infrared camera trap.


Sun 22 Nov 2009

Sunset in Ghent, after a short but heavy storm


Sat 21 Nov 2009

Bellas Artes, Mexico D.F.


Sun 15 Nov 2009

We and Saint in Mexico City


Wed 28 Oct 2009



Fri 16 Oct 2009

Wallpaper EcoEdit > Travel > Hotel Basico


Sun 26 Jul 2009

Lee Fields & The Expressions


Thu 25 Jun 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009


Sun 12 Apr 2009



Mon 23 Feb 2009

Born out of a lifelong fascination with science photography and nature documentaries, Parroquet showcases a body of work by fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø, comprising eight film shorts and a selection of photographs.


Fri 20 Feb 2009

Our house in the middle of the street:


Wed 18 Feb 2009

Bon Iver - Daytrotter Sessions!

Thu 05 Feb 2009

A Thousand Words. By Ted Chung

Tue 20 Jan 2009

Inauguration Day


Mon 12 Jan 2009

Motown turns 50!

Marvin Gaye - Mercy Mercy Me (Rapson Edit)

Thu 01 Jan 2009

Happy New Year!

Radiohead - The Rip

Wed 24 Dec 2008

Lou Reed & Antony: Caroline Says

Antony & Lou Reed : Candy Says

Mon 22 Dec 2008

100 top sites for the year ahead

Fri 05 Dec 2008

The 100 best movies of 2008.


Mon 17 Nov 2008

Sanna Kannisto: My work explores the relationship between nature and culture. In my artistic work I aim to study the methods, theories and concepts through which we approach nature in art and in science. As an artist I am attracted by the idea that when I am working in a rain forest I am a ‘visual researcher’.


Sat 15 Nov 2008

Best vinyl cover art of 2008 : Nominations.


Wed 05 Nov 2008

Obama won!


Tue 04 Nov 2008

Vote with your gum.

Sat 27 Sep 2008

A preview of "Another World" by Antony and the Johnsons. To be released October 7 on Secretly Canadian.


Wed 17 Sep 2008

Have you ever heard of the human calendar?


Tue 02 Sep 2008

Modeselektor do Bjork.


Sun 31 Aug 2008

Bruxelles - Mons


Mon 25 Aug 2008

Sailing on the North Sea! And we saw some very cute seals.


Sat 23 Aug 2008

After yesterday's silver medal, today we've got a gold medal for Tia Hellebaut in the women's high jump. How nice is that?


Fri 22 Aug 2008

Silver for the 4x100m for women. It's since 1974 with Ivo Van Damme that Belgium got an Olympic medal in Athletics. That's a long time.


Sat 16 Aug 2008

About 30 minutes before the men's 100m final. Like you where there.

Mon 26 May 2008

Entre les murs wins the Golden Palm in Cannes


Sun 20 Apr 2008

Self-Healing Rubber.

Sat 19 Apr 2008

MIT creates gecko-inspired bandage.

Sat 12 Apr 2008

This is so good: Frozen Smiles.

Tue 01 Apr 2008


Wed 19 Mar 2008

Antifonarium Tsgrooten
Have a look at this 1522 manuscript here.

Fri 14 Mar 2008


Sat 08 Mar 2008

What time is it?

Fri 29 Feb 2008

Cold Blood top ten clips

Following each clip on the BBC Nature & Science website, David Attenborough gives an exclusive, personal take on some of the series' finest moments.

Fri 15 Feb 2008

Thom Yorke talks about his favorite tracks of the moment at NPR.

Sun 06 Jan 2008

Have a look at the Dutch Hema website. It keeps a very nice surprise in store...

Wed 02 Jan 2008

Happy New Year and Best Fishes!